Cute Crochet Scrunchies Pattern

"Crochet headband instructions"

Crochet scrunchies are fun to make up in different yarns, colors and stitches. They are ideal for using up those small bits of left over yarn. You can crochet them up in crochet thread or yarn. Make them in popular colors, add beads and sequins and let your imagination fly.

I like to donate these items for the young girls at the reservations. They have very little and these items give them something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Groovy crochet pattern

 Very basic crochet scrunchie

1 stretch hair band

hook size G

small amount of yarn

Round 1 – attach yarn to band with a slipstitch and sc around band with 40 sc join to first sc

Round 2 – ch 1, sc in next sc, ch 3 *skip 1 sc, sc in next sc, sc, ch 3, repeat from * all around, join with slip stitch

Round 3- sl st in 1 st  ch 3 space, ch 1, sc hdc, dc, treble, dc, hdc, sc in same space, *sc in next ch 3 sp, sc, hdc, dc, treble, dc, hdc, sc, in next ch 3 space, repeat from * around. Join with a slip stitch in beginning sc.


Crochet headbands are fun and useful

There are many types of crochet headbands. They range from the tiny ones for babies (I think they are so cute). To the larger bands with the ear coverings for protection from the cold weather. Of course the kids in Florida don’t need these warm ones but in North Dakota they sure do.

Can you even imagine standing out in the frigid weather with the wind blowing and nothing to protect your ears? Many children do just that when waiting for their school buses each day in the impoverished areas of our nation. So lets make a few to donate to the Pine Ridge Reservation

Easy Crochet Headband

A headband is easy to adjust and make to fit a child or an adult. You can make them wider or more narrow. These are quick to crochet up; here is a very basic pattern.

Worsted yarn

Hook J

1- Chain about 18 inches long. Join

2- Ch 2 hdc in each chain around. Join

3- Dc in each hdc around join

Repeat round 3 for however wide you want it to be

Ch 2, hdc in each dc around. Join End

You can make it wide enough to cover the ears for the warmth or narrow for fashion. It would be so cute to make some up in the new fur yarn that is out now.

Just what I needed was another project, we all know what that is about don't we?

Bracelet or wristband to match the crochet scrunchies

Another nice item young girls seem to like is a crocheted bracelet or wristband. You can make them wider or thinner. Add beads, sequins and whatever embellishments you can think of. Also young girls like to have matching bracelets for their best friends as a friendship bracelet.

1 - ch 7, ch 2 turn

2 - sc for 6 or 7 inches join ends

You can use different stitches plus different yarns. The bracelet needs to be about about 6 or 7 inches around for a small wrist.

Kids love these little accessories and they are nice little extras for sales and stocking stuffers. Take these basic patterns , add to them, change the stitches, and use different yarns. Have fun, you never know what you will come up with.

Crochet scrunchies to Crochet

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