Vintage Crochet Purse

Crochet purse pattern #M5402

This crochet purse requires:
HIAWATHA Belastraw Art. 35, 2 tubes for Hat, 2 tubes for Bag
HIAWATHA Small Round Wooden Beads, 5 strings (500 beads) for Hat, 9 strings (900 beads) for Bag
HIAWATHA Drawstrings No. 6627 HIAWATHA Bag Insert No. 6647 Steel crochet hook No. 0
GAUGE— I I sts = 2"

Crochet handbag purse free patterns

BOTTOM—OUTSIDE—Ch 3, sl st in 1st ch, forming a ring.

RND 1-6 sc in ring.

RND 2- 2 sc in each st.

RND 3—* Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st. Repeat from * around (6 inc). Inc 6 sts each rnd (not directly over previous incs) to 96 sts.

NEXT RND—Inc 4 sts (piece should be 6" across). SI st and end off.

INSIDE —Same as Outside but do not end off.

SIDES—RND 1—Working thru both pieces, and covering bag base, sc in each st around, thus joining.

RND 2—* Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st. Repeat from * around (140 sts). Break yarn.

NOTE—Wrong side of sts is right side of bag.

Slip 2 strings of beads on yarn.

RND 3—Do not turn. * Without beads sc in next 11 sts, slide bead close to last st, sc in next st—BEADED SC MADE—plain sc in next st, beaded sc in next st. Repeat from * around.

RND 4—* Plain sc to next beaded st, plain sc in beaded sc, beaded sc in plain sc, plain sc in next beaded sc, beaded sc in next plain sc.

Repeat from * around. Repeat rnd 4 until Sides are 6 1/2" deep.

Break off beads.

NEXT RND-Draw up a loop in each of next 2 sts, over and thru all loops-DEC MADE- * sc in next 2 sts, dec over next 2 sts, sc in next st. dec over next 2 sts. Repeat from * around (100 sts). Work 1 rnd sc even. Sl st in next st.

BEADING-Ch 3, dc in next 2 sts, * ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc in next 3 sts, Repeat from * around, ending with ch 2, sl st in top of ch-3.

NEXT RND--Sc in each dc and 2 sc in each sp around. Join and end off.
Finishing-Starting at opposite sides, thread drawstrings thru Beading. Knot, ends of each drawstring tog.

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