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Crochet hook sizes

by Mackinnon

Yarn for crochet granny squares

Yarn for crochet granny squares

Fun with the simple crochet patterns

I have a crochet question, hope someone can help. I prefer to crochet using the larger crochet hook sizes like hooks "J" and larger. The problem is I end up choosing projects by hook size alone and have difficulty locating beginner patterns for the larger hooks. I know I'm going about this backwards!

How to crochet granny square

I would like to make a granny square baby blanket. If I make the squares in a "K" hook, and am consistent will it all come out okay??? (I really don't want to have to do any “conversion math” to make it work.)
Appreciate any help.

Thank you!



If you are using baby yarn to make your blanket and using a “K” hook it will be much too lose. You would do better to use say the “J” hook and use double strands of baby yarn or single strand of sports yarn. This should work up very nicely than.

Remember the larger the hook the loser the stitches and if you use only one strand of the smaller yarn, it will be so lose and floppy you would not like it at all.

How to crochet granny square

If you are making the items up in a granny square you don't have to do any math. Just continue crocheting the rounds until you have it as large as you want. Than add a boarder and you are done. I have seen many very pretty baby blankets made up this way using different colors and yarn.

Simple crochet patterns are sometimes the best.

Hope this helps,

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