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Crochet hats a passion

by Carmen Arismendez
(Puerto Rico)

Crochet headbands

Crochet headbands

From a friend in Puerto Rico

My aunt on my mother's side teached me and from there on I keep track in the Internet to learn more each day. I think I sleep less in order to have more time for my projects.

My husband keeps asking why? This is a passion that helps me create things that are unique in a certain way. This passion gives me peace, patience, and keeps my mind from wandering.

I just love to do all kinds of projects, but my favorite are the crochet hats, headscarf, headbands and flowers. I also earn some money when friends and tourist from my country come to see my creations and they buy for their family and to ship out as gifts.

It is to mee like having a good chocolate in my mouth, I can savor it.


So nice to hear from a crochet friend in Puerto Rico. You items look very nice and I am glad that you can earn extra money doing something you love.

Thanks so much for sharing your story.

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