Crochet Flowers Gallery

Find the crochet flowers you need to embellish clothes, bags and many other items.

Find 100s of free crochet patterns – download as many as you want!


Some patterns are new and some are vintage. The great thing about these patterns are they can easily be updated with the yarn used or with a few minor adjustments. Many are just as beautiful today as they were back in the early 1900s Just look at the pretty carnations in a vase.

The beaded rose is so beautiful and elegant. Or you may want to make a bunch of the poinsettias and add them to the gifts you wrap this year. The sunflower is so bright and fresh it brings back memories of fall harvest.

The romantic bridal bouquet is so very pretty the guest will be talking about them for years to come. And best thing about these are they are not only pretty but the bride will never have to worry about her flowers fading. And don't forget to make up one flower for the groom and best mans boutonniere.

Book bags, jeans and hairbands would all look very nice with some of these flowers added. Let your imagination fly and check out each pattern as they are all free.

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