Quick Crochet Doll Clothes

Great beginner crochet patterns

Easy crochet doll clothes great for beginners
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Making these easy crochet doll clothes will help you learn to crochet quickly. By making a summer wardrobe for high fashion dolls and their boy friends. This step-by-step. Illustrated on this page gives complete instructions for the crochet basics.

How to chain- ch, single crochet -sc and double crochet – dc, everything you need to know to follow the directions for the clothes shown here. To make things even easier each is made of straight pieces of crochet. No increasing or decreasing needed!

The instructions for making each of these crochet doll clothes pieces is included in the ebook.

Easy crochet doll clothes patterns

Barbie doll clothes patterns

How to crochet doll clothes

Below: All crochet stitches are based on a loop pulled through another loop by a hook. To start you will need a loop;

A, Diagram 1, below:  To make this loop, grasp end of thread between thumb and index finger of left hand; lap long thread over short end and pull top of index finger, forming a loop;

Diagram 2. With right hand grasp hook as you would a pencil;

Diagram 3. Insert hook through loop and under long thread Pull this thread through loop with hook Adjust long thread around left hand for proper tension. Have it pass under and around little finger and over ring finger, under middle finger and over index finger toward thumb;

Diagram 4. Grasp thread firmly enough to hold tension but  not so tightly as to make it difficult to pull loops through; diagram 5.


Chain stitch is the foundation of all cro­chet. With first loop on hook, pass hook under yarn to catch yarn with hook;

Diagram 1, Draw yarn through first loop

Diagram 2 Repeat to make the required number of chains according to the directions. By holding thumb and forefinger near the stitch in work you can control the tension. Keep 1 loop always on hook until end of chain.

Diagram 3, In beginning a piece of crochet, your starting row of chain stitches should always be worked more loosely than following rows.


To make a single crochet, insert hook in top 2 threads of 2nd chain from hook; 

Diagram 1. * Draw thread through loop-making 2 loops on hook;

Diagrams 2 and 3. Thread over and draw through 2 loops leaving 1 loop on hook;

Diagrams 4 and 5. This completes 1 single crochet. For the next single crochet, insert hook under top 2 threads of next chain and repeat from *;

Diagram 6. At, end of row, chain 1, turn work so reverse side is facing you. Work first single crochet of second row under top 2 strands of first stitch.


To make a double crochet, pass thread over hook, insert hook from front under top 2 strands of 4th chain from hook; 

Diagram 1. * Thread over hook, draw through stitch;

Diagram 2. There are 3 loops on hook;

Diagram 3. Thread over hook;

Diagram 4. Draw through 2 loops, with 2 loops left on hook;

Diagram 5. Thread over hook again;

Diagram 6. Draw through remaining 2 loops on hook;

Dia­gram 7. This completes 1 double crochet. For next double crochet, thread over hook, insert hook from front under top 2 threads of next chain;

Diagram 8. Repeat from * in each chain. At end of row, chain 3, turn work around so reverse side is facing you. Yarn over hook, insert hook from front under top 2 strands of second stitch and repeat from' * to complete double crochet of 2nd row.

The chain 3 counts as first double crochet of each row.

Fashionable fashions for dolls
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You will find complete instructions and patterns in this ebook. You can have it now with the immediate download.

Downloadable and printable doll clothes patterns

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