Crochet Beaded Bracelet

"Crochet jewelry"

A crochet beaded bracelet is a nice item for sales or gifts. This bracelet is not hard to make and the girls of all ages just love them.

Here is an idea for some cute bead crochet jewelry.

You might want to make a bracelet in the color beads of your local schools. Also consider the football team colors.

Here in Alabama the team colors of blue, orange and white for the Auburn Team and red and white for the Alabama football team are made up into just about everything. Just about anything and everything made up in these colors sell well.

Shows - Bazaars - Shops

These are great items for craft shows, bazaars and gift shops. See what colors are “in” for the pre-teen and the teen customers

The bracelets will be handy little stocking stuffers too. So remember it is not only what you make but also how you market it.

You need to let your customers know how useful and versatile you items are with your displays.

On your more expensive detailed bracelets you may not be able to make enough profit to be worthwhile. You may want to save these for gifts of your own.

Find some basic easy crochet patterns for your bracelets and use your imagination for color and design.

I have included the pattern for Crocheted Cuff (link is below) that is posted on the Fire Mountain Gems site. They have were kind enough to give me permission to display these photos. Please check them out for your beads and jewelry making needs.

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