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Crochet a blanket

by Julie
(Alberta, Canada)

Elis Blanket

Elis Blanket

Hello, my name is Julie.

I started crocheting when I was 28, that was almost 5 years ago and now I'm addicted. My mother taught me because she thought it would be a good way for me to deal with the anger I held for my husband. I had just left him and had taken our 4 month old son with me. Yes, we were having problems and I needed to get away. So, I packed the two of us up and drove the nine hours to my parents house. I think really my mom was tired of seeing me moping around her house, driving her crazy.

Finally she picked up a size 5.5 hook and some light blue yarn and said "Here, try this" and from that moment on I was hooked. I used to spend endless amounts of money on books, but now . . . I spend endless amounts of money on yarn!

I can't read a pattern although I try, but it really just doesn't make any sense to me. So now I look at all the beautiful patterns and afghans and make up patterns of my own that make sense to me and try to duplicate the beautiful things I see. Sometimes I get pretty close. Other times I'm no where near what I had planned but I tend to make something that satisfies me. Usually I'm making things for other people. Once I made my husband a blanket once we were back together but I'm the one who uses it because he's allergic to the yarn.

Well, my husband and I are back together, have been for awhile. I had only left for a month, and in that time I came back with a whole new habit. We've had our differences and fights since then and things have changed. We've changed, we have three more children and as always we love each other dearly. My poor husband now has to put up with me buying yarn and making blankets, scarfs and pillows, but at least I'm not buying books.


Hi Julie,

I have also found crocheting relaxing and therapeutic, your mother was so wise to keep your hands busy.

Also I am happy for you and your husband that you had worked through your problems. Every marriage has some at one time or another.

I am guilty of buying both yarn and books as I love to read, knit and crochet.

A suggestion for learning to read a pattern is to start out with a very basic one. This is a very basic dog sweater you may want to practice making. Or a simple blanket and than move on to something more complicated.

Happy crocheting,

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