Finding Craft Business Ideas

"Small business plans"

Finding craft business ideas and starting a small business is not always easy. Sometimes in the slow periods you can not earn enough money with the craft you love so you must make up for it in other ways.

Being willing to try something else and being flexible will help you through this time. I have found home working jobs in the newspaper, by word of mouth and from friends. You must always be on the watch for the different craft opportunities.

Finding business ideas everywhere

This is just one of the ways I earned some income to help with the budget and still be home for the kids. As a home worker you will fill in where ever and when ever you can. This is another project I did for awhile.

A local manufacture had this huge order come in for refurbishing phones. It was much more than the employees could handle and they didn’t want to hire more workers just for this one time order.

This job would only last a few months. Their regular employees had their own jobs to do and they didn’t want to take them from these jobs so they decided to outsource the work. They hired contractors to work as much of this project as possible.

That is where I came in. The job was soldering small pieces (switches) on the inside of the phones together. I didn’t have the entire phones only the switches.

I had never soldered before but most craft people are good with their hands, so I gave it a shot. My work passed and I got the contract. They supplied all the parts and I supplied the labor. I picked up what I needed and took it home. When I had my work completed I returned it and picked up more supplies for more work.

This job kept me busy for many months. I was paid by the piece and was very happy with it. I would work on it until the girls came home from school and than set it aside until the next day. This job didn't last forever so it was a good filler until my real craft business picked up.

Being in the craft business is not always glamorous but over the years I have worked many home jobs to fill in for the lean times. But the fall and winter were always for my knitting and crochet business. Not many get rich off of a craft business but it does give nice side income. As my business grew I did less and less of the side contract jobs.

Craft Business Ideas to Profitable Hobbies

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