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Clover soft touch steel crochet hooks

Have your tried the Clover Steel Crochet Hooks yet? They are “ergonomically correct”. They have the soft touch wider handles and light steel hook ends. By what I hear you either love them or hate them.

Ergonomically correct crochet hook sets

More Clover Steel Crochet Hooks

I used them for the first time when I made the baby blanket and will use them for all my crocheting from now on. Will never crochet with a regular hook again

The hooks are light in weight and have a thick silicone handle. This makes them much easier to crochet with. My hands are not crippled up but they certainly are not as flexible as they use to be.

The Clover Steel Hooks, fit my hands comfortably and I can work for much longer periods.

Hairpin lace hook or crochet fork

Have you ever made hairpin lace? This is called a hairpin lace loom also referred to as a fork. Today there are many different brands available.

This is a general idea as to how you use one. You wrap the yarn around the loom or fork and do a sc up the center. As you work you way to the length of the item you are crocheting you just continue to wrap and single crochet.

You will make individual panels and than connect the panels by kind of weaving the ends together. You can make afghans, baby blankets, shawls, scarves and I have even seen a rug made with one of these looms.

Making hairpin lace is not my cup of tea but it does show you one of many items on the market for crocheters today.

Crochet hook sizes

If you have arm, wrist or hand pain you may want to try these hooks. They may be just the item for you to enjoy  crocheting again.

I now have a set of eight hooks from size C to J and don’t see why I would ever go back to the regular metal or plastic hooks.

I have read they also have some that light up. I have not tried these. I guess they would be fine for when you are traveling and crocheting in the car at night as long as you knew your pattern.

Don’t know if I would ever use the lighted ones but some people are giving them great reviews.

Clover Steel Crochet Hooks to How to Crochet

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