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Charity crochet patterns bring peace of mind

by Ruth E. Winstead
(Louisville, Ky)

Baby Blanket Eli's

Baby Blanket Eli's


My name is Ruth, and I love to Crochet. I started crocheting when I was 18. When a friend of mine had a sister who was expecting her first baby. We were in college and needed something to do so we decided to learn how to crochet.

We brought books and learned the stitches and in no time had our first projects finished. We were so proud of ourselves. That was 35 years ago and today I still crochet.

I have made everything from afghans to sweaters, hats to baby clothes. Today I have taken on a project to crochet lap blankets for children in wheelchairs for St. Jude hospital.

I also crochet layettes for preemie babies and donate them to the Womens Pavillion hospital. This is so much fun and very rewarding. I crochet constantly and sometimes I get so into a pattern I can't sleep until I see how its going to look.

I have a male friend that I work with who became interested in crochet. Well I helped to teach him some basic stitches and he has already crocheted over 50 prayer shawls. I think he is hooked and is crocheting as I do this. He said that crochet is the neatest thing because of all the projects he has watched me create.

My husband has a blanket I made him with Taz on it he will not let anyone use his blanket. He has been offered money for it, but he will not part with it. It was one of my first challenging things to crochet.



Hi Ruth,

I love your story and the fact that you are crocheting for charities. Our little group also make up items for many different charities. Some are crochet and some of the items are knit.

I really enjoy hearing how you are also teaching our men friends to crochet. We have just taught my older brother how to knit. He is disabled and on dialysis. Was feeling pretty bad about his life till he found he can still help others. As you said, he is now hooked.

I am much better at crocheting than knitting and it will always be my first love.

Thanks so much for sharing your story.


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