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Your business opportunities at the craft shows abound. Preparation is the key for a smooth running event. There will be many things you will not be able to control so do plan and prepare as much as possible.

Craft work from home business

The better prepared you are the easier it will be on you. Here are a few things you can have ready for your big event. Business opportunities womens home craft items must be of superior quality to enter most shows. Once you are listed with the show, it is time to get your duck in a row so to speak.

For complete craft show help it looks like this ebook may be just what you need to answer all the questions you have.

Money making ideas and business opportunities

Make sure your inventory is all priced.

Have tables, table coverings and chairs ready

Have a safe cash box with plenty of $1.00s, 5.00s, and 10.00s and change

A receipt book, calculator and an inventory list will be handy

Your resale or tax certificate. A tax chart for collecting state tax.

An ice chest for drinks and lunch

Business cards to include in purchases

Weather protection if working an outside show. Plastic to cover inventory, sunscreen, hat and such.

Your entry forms and any paperwork required for the show

Extra help if possible

More craft and home business ideas

Here is a craft business  idea many sellers seem to forget to bring to the show. “A smile” yes that’s right a smile and a good attitude will sell more than any advertisement

I know preparing for the show is a lot of work but we must remember to keep a pleasant welcoming attitude. This is the key to selling in any market. Put on a smile, be pleasant and listen to your customers.

Each comment from these customers can help you with your next show. Would they like different colors? Are they looking for more matching sets?

Be well rested and enjoy yourself. Remember you are doing what you love. Enjoy your work and your excitement will spread to your customers.

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Craft and home business tips

Pricing tips

Flea markets to craft shows

Timing your projects

Creating patterns

Home business tips


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Home business Craft and home business ideas

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