Brother Knitting Machine Patterns

"The Brother Beginners Collection"

knitting machine patterns
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These Brother Knitting Machine Patterns have been designed to use for all your family garments.

Each one has been written with the new machine knitter in mind, so you will find very clear instructions especially in the first few pages regarding techniques. Patterns included in this ebook are shown below.

Many knitting tips and techniques

Great machine knitting patterns for beginners

This is a very creative knitting magazine

Fair Isle Knitting

Knitting Lace

As a number of garments have a large size range, you will be able to now have designs for all the family, but they suggest that if you are a very new machine knitter you should start with a plain jumper or cardigan and work you way towards the tuck stitch and lace garments.

This ebook has so much to offer you that it can't all be listed here. It is full of patterns that teach you how to make fair isle to lace for all your family and friends.

Many knitting tips as below

Before you start: Read the complete insructions to make sure you understand them.

Knit a tension swatch and let it rest for at least one hour and preferably overnight.

If the pattern is written in more than 4 sizes you may find it helpful to ring or mark with a highlighter pen, all the figures that refer to the size you are following.


Your garment will only he the correct size if you obtain the same tension as given in the pattern. Because of slight variances in the yarn and individual machines you may not achieve the correct tension with the tension dial set on the number suggested in the pattern.

If the measurements of the tension swatch do not match those given in the pattern you should make another swatch with the tension dial set on a number higher or lower as required. You will find complete information on how to make a tension swatch. With written instruction, photos and diagrams.

Many beautiful patterns are in this great ebook.

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