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Beginning crochet help

by Pat Shimrack
(New Castle, PA)

I felt I had to write you and tell you how wonderful your site is. I used to crochet 20 years ago along with my mom's guidance. Well, Mom passed away and I lost touch with the crochet world.

Someone at work was making granny squares, so I thought “I bet I can do that too!” Boy was I wrong!!! I felt like a 60 year old idiot!! I was crocheting OK but couldn't follow along with the directions.

I am a "doer" not a "reader of directions". Mom always used to show me how to do and that was it! I found all these patterns and even tutorials on youtube but I couldn't follow them.

Your GREAT line by line way of writing the pattern was excellent! I already have one done and hope to do more this weekend. Thanks again for being my "Mom" and showing me how it's done!!!


Hi Pat,

I am so sorry to hear about you losing your Mom. I truly understand how it is.

You really made my day when I read your note. I feel so privileged to have been able to have helped you to get back into crocheting.

I also do much better when I see something done rather than just written directions. So my aim was to write the directions as close as I could to showing the process.

Happy crocheting,

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