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Beginner crochet patterns

by Mary

Baby blanket crochet patterns

Baby blanket crochet patterns

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to crochet. Naturally I wasn’t very good when I first started, in fact, my first crochet baby blanket square turned into a beret for my Barbie doll. As I got older, I became a little more skilled at crocheting and now I find it to be a very relaxing way to spend time.

Today it is rare to give hand-made gifts but whenever a friend or relative has a baby, I try and take time to crochet a baby afghan for them. I have a good number of patterns and most of them can be done with the pound of love yarn or any other brand as long as you have around 16 ounces.

Most of the afghans I crochet are baby afghans and most incorporate hearts in some way or another.

Recently, I realized that I have way more yarn than I know what to do with so I was looking online and found something called Project Linus. With this you must make blankets by hand. They can be crocheted, knitted, quilted or made in some other way as long as they are homemade. When complete, you donate your blanket to Project Linus and it is given to sick children in hospitals.

Because my friends have always loved their baby blankets, I thought this would be a great way of comforting some sick child. It will be one of my New Years resolutions in 2011 to donate at least four blankets to Project Linus.


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