The Quality Of Bamboo Knitting Needles

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Smooth warm bamboo knitting needles are a joy to work with. When it comes to knitting you can find an entire assortment of desirable tools on the market that are ideal for whatever project that you may be trying to complete. Most important of these tools however, is the knitting needle that you will be using to knit your project.

Premium bamboo needles and eco friendly crafts

bamboo knitting needles sizes

These needles are also eco friendly as the product is eco friendly crafts because it is renewable unlike wood knitting needles or aluminum. There are different needles in which are used for different projects but, the biggest factor that comes in when determining what type of needle that you use is your personal preference. If you are a beginner at knitting, then bamboo knitting needles are a good option.

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Straight or circular bamboo knitting needles

Bamboo needles are more natural feeling and provide a comfortable knitting experience while using them. While they are much like that of a wooden needle, they are usually lower in cost and more widely available than their wood counterpart.

They also tend to come with more options in sizes too. What is Bamboo? Bamboo comes from all over the world but, it originates mostly from Asia. It grows quickly and without much guidance. In fact, it will take over a whole yard if allowed to do so. The plant grows from tiny sprouts and can grow to over 10 feet tall when fully grown.

eco friendly living bamboo knitting needles

The thick, durable layers of a hard bamboo plant make it highly suitable for making all sorts of things including, knitting needles. How Bamboo Needles are made, start out in a process where the grass from the bamboo is first taken from the plant and then allowed to dry out in the sun.

Bamboo circular knitting needles Bamboo knitting needles Bamboo knitting needles

Once it has gone through this process, it is then cut into the sizes needed for the needles, shaped and later sanded. To complete the needle, the ends are worked into the point.

Sometimes, this process is done by machine and other times, it is done completely by hand. What results is a high quality needle that is both earth friendly and smooth feeling in your hand at the same time.

The fact that bamboo needles are so durable, also makes them hard to break and very easy for beginners to use. Though, its not just beginners that prefer the bamboo over other materials. Bamboo knitting needles are used by many people all over the world from beginner to advanced knitter’s as well.

bamboo knitting needles sizes

You may find that using these needles provides a more enjoyable experience for you and also allows you to work better with projects that you never thought you were capable of completing before; that’s the beauty of bamboo.

Bamboo Knitting Needles to Knitting

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