Knitting American Girl Doll Clothes

“Free 18 inch doll clothes pattern”

American Girl doll clothes have continued to be as popular as ever and there are now more choices than ever before. Dolls have always been a fantastic toy for children to own, and American Girl collecting is a fun hobby for many women.

The sense of pride and happiness that is brought by this hobby is incredible, and the clothes are a huge part of the experience. Having the correct American Girl doll clothes is essential, and you will need several different outfits.

American girl doll clothes patterns

Many women who collect this style of doll will always be on the lookout for unique and stylish American Girl doll clothes. They will want their doll to look amazing, no matter what the occasion is.

Handmade knitted clothes will enable you to have an outfit for your doll that may never be seen again, and offers a huge amount of variety. You can decide to knit the clothes in whatever style and color you want.

Choosing the right pattern for your dolls clothes is essential, and will ensure that your doll looks great. They will ooze confidence, and you will be proud to dress them in the new dolls clothes.

There are several different brands of doll available on the market, and choosing the correct clothes for your specific doll is essential. Placing the wrong clothes on a brand of doll should never be done, and will look and feel very wrong.

Free slippers for 18 inch doll clothes pattern below

The pattern for the slippers are below. You may also be interested in the housecoat and baby doll pjs, if so you can get them here for Complete set of doll clothes

Making doll clothes

When choosing the patterns for your American Girl doll clothes,  they will often come in complete sets ensuring that your doll has a selection of different outfits.

Housecoats, PJs, and slippers are very popular American Girl doll clothes for your doll to have. These can be made easily, and will ensure that your doll looks great. Although you may think that making the clothes yourself is daunting they are very easy to complete.

When completing this set of clothing for your doll you should consider making them in the same color as your pajamas. This is an incredibly cute touch to have, and will make your doll even more unique, and special.

American Girl clothes are as special as the doll itself, and every outfit will be selected for its fantastic look and feel. Knitted clothes are a great choice, and will last for many years enabling you to build your clothing collection up over time.

There is far more care taken with the doll's clothes if you make them yourself, and shop bought clothes will be generic and poorly made. You need to consider if you want your doll to look like other dolls around the world, or whether you should get patterns and make the outfits yourself. This will guarantee that they are perfect in every possible way.

They will fit exactly as they should and can be made in your favorite colors. What wool you choose is entirely up to you making it even more special.

You can continue the bond with your doll, and produce the perfect clothes every time. Knowing that you have spent the time to make your dolls outfits will give you a sense of pride, and ensure that every doll you own has their own unique style.

The free doll clothes patterns for slippers


Cast on 4 sts.
Proceed in garter stitch, inc. 1 st. inside first and last st. on 3rd and following 6th row (8 sts.).
Work 6 [10, 14] rows more.
Next row—Cast off, working K.2 tog. at each end of row.

Cast on 7 [8, 9] sts.
Work 5 [6, 7] ins. in garter stitch.
Cast off.


Lay cast-on edge of Main Part along side of piece from top of cast-off edge. Neatly flat stitch together. Fold in point of toe and flat stitch down on wrong side. Stitch Main part to Sole with cast-on and cast-off edges at front. Stitch side edge at front of Slipper for 1 inch. Make a small pom pom and attach to front of Slipper. Fold over Slipper along top edge to right side and catch down to form cuff.

If you would like the housecoat and baby doll pjs also, you can get them here American Doll Clothes You will find other great doll patterns there also.

American Girl Doll Clothes to Doll Clothes

Other doll patterns can be found here at

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American girl doll clothes

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