How To Use An Afghan Crochet Hook

“Tunisian Crochet Stitches”

These afghan crochet hooks are longer than regular crochet hooks. Many times, they have a stopper at the end of the handle. This is the style of hook used for Tunisian crochet such as the blanket pictured below.

This stitch is thought to be a cross between knitting and crocheting. Some of the techniques used are similar to those of knitting is the reason for that thinking.

These hooks like other crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes. They are just longer as mentioned above. We have already mentioned the stopper on it but this is usually with the ones made of metal. The largest of these hooks are made from plastic or wood.

These afghan crochet hooks are used for the interesting Tunisian crochet stitch.

The Tunisian Crochet Stitches Step by Step

(A) First the piece is started by chaining in the traditional way, and than a group of slip stitches are added.

Work the return row  After the chain is long enough, the first row is made by working the hook into the stitch that is just before the end of the chain, (Do not turn the work) and then pull a loop of yarn through it.

(B) Do not pull the loop through the stitch on the hook though; this is different from regular crochet. Both of the loops are now on the hook.

Repeat this step until the entire chain is done. You should have as many loops on your hook as there were chain stitches. (no extra stitch for the turning chain) This is the casting-on process.

(c) Make a slip stitch in the second vertical loop formed on previous row. Insert hook from right to left and pull up loop.

(D) Do not skip the last stitch on left side of row. Yarn over hook and draw through the last vertical loop. Repeat as before.

Crochet stitches with the afghan hook

Remember in Tunisian crochet, you do not turn your piece of crochet. Instead the reverse happens where each of the loops are worked off of your hook by grabbing a loop of working yarn through each one of your stitches.

Always moving from your right to left. This now completes a row. You will notice the tension is not as tight as with the traditional crochet or the knitting.

How to Use The Afghan Hooks

You will notice that a finished piece of work will be thicker and less stretchy than the traditional crochet especially with certain stitches. This makes this type of crocheting ideal for sweaters and blankets.

However, you would not want to use it for baby items because it could overheat them. The finished product will need to be shaped into size by steaming or wetting it; this is because it likes to curl. Tunisian crochet is a bit faster to do than traditional crochet though, which means you get to see the finished product faster.

So further explore what you can do with the afghan crochet hooks. Crocheting of any kind is very rewarding and relaxing as a hobby. Many people even sell their handmade goods online and at craft shows. Enjoy using these hooks.

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