Simple Crochet Pattern

"Free easy crochet afghan patterns"

Have you been looking for a few simple crochet patterns that require only one or two basic stitches to create beautiful baby blankets, afghans, scarves, and so much more. If you need directions on making the ripple check out this page.

This afghan will fill that need. It is a vintage pattern but all that is needed is some up dated colors.

Afghan requires about 8 ounces each of 4 colors in Lion Brand Sportelle, which is Wintuk Orlon Acrylic 2 ply Yarn.

Use crochet hook size J or size needed for gauge.


sc (single crochet) st (stitch)

ch (chain) sk (skip)

1p (loop)

Gauge: 3 sts equal 1 inch


With darkest color, ch 158 sts.

Sc in second ch from hook, sk 1 ch, * sc in each of next 4 ch, 3 sc in next ch (point made), sc in each of next 4 ch, sk 2 ch, repeat from * across, ending sk 1 ch, sc in last ch, ch 1, turn.

Pattern Row: Sc in last sc made, sk 1 sc, * sc in each of next 4 sc through back 1p only, 3 sc in next sc throughboth 1ps, sc in each of next 4 sc through back 1p, sk 2 sc, repeat from * across, ending sk 1 sc, se in last sc through both 1ps, ch 1, turn.

Work 2 pattern rows in each of other three colors.

Repeat pattern rows and colors throughout afghan, ending with darkest color after 18 stripes or desired number have been made.

Tassels: Wind each color around a 6-inch cardboard twice. Through one looped end, tie a strand of darkest yarn, leaving ends for sewing tassel to point. Cut other looped end. About ¾ inch below tied end, wind yarn around tassel 3 times and tie tightly. Make 29 tassels. Sew to points.

With just these simple crochet stitches you can create many beautiful afghans . An example of this is this great pattern using just the single crochet stitch (sc).

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