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Where can a beginner find simple crochet patterns that are not too difficult to understand? You finally got the basics down pat. You know where to find your hooks and yarns. You know how to chain and you can tell the difference between a single crochet, double crochet, and a slip stitch. Now you need some quick and easy crochet patterns

There is one thing that the beginner needs to understand. Due to the recent popularity of crocheting overseas, pattern publishers moved away from the use of abbreviations for stitches in patterns. This was due to the fact that a great majority of patterns were written for English speakers.

More or less unavailable to the myriad of crocheters whose native language was not. To address this problem, pattern publishers began to move towards using diagrammed patterns where the stitch abbreviations were replaced by symbols drawn out in a diagram format.

Easy crochet patterns below

Using this format certainly did provide one solution to the dilemma of how to make a pattern book usable by a wider variety of crafters on a worldwide basis.

It certainly did nothing to promote simple crochet patterns that could be used by the average beginner. The question remains, then, where can a beginner find simple crochet patterns?

Fortunately, the major craft companies promote crocheting, have made an abundance of simple crochet patterns available for the novice. Today the first place to check for beginners patterns is online, than the local craft store where you originally purchased your hooks and yarn.

Usually around the yarn bins in the store, major companies have provided leaflets with simple crochet patterns that can be torn off a pad and taken home free of charge with the yarn purchase.

Crochet afghans

Check back here often as the patterns are likely to change every couple months or so. You could also check with the people who staff the yarn department because they might have access to older patterns that have been removed from the sales floor.

The next place to look is in the craft books section in your local book store. Although sometimes it is difficult to find, there are beginners books that feature simple crochet patterns for items like dishcloths and simple squares that can be sewed together to form afghans or lap throws.

Look for patterns that keep to simple stitches like chain, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitches. Other features to look for are something like a dishcloth which can be completed in an evening or another relatively short amount of time.

Crochet for beginners

Barring this, it is possible to find simple patterns online through some of the yarn companies or other archival sources. Performing a search for “simple crochet patterns” should provide dozens of returns. Many of these patterns have been scanned into PDF format which allows a beginner to download them and print them out.

Lastly, another very good source for simple crochet patterns is to connect up with any crocheting groups in your area. These groups range from novices to advanced crocheters. The more experienced ones in the group are likely to have access to a library full of patterns for the beginner.

An added benefit to this is if you have the time to spare to participate in the group, it is possible to receive help with your project from the more experienced crocheters there.

The baby blanket below is also an easy pattern to crochet for the beginner.

crochet baby blankets

Simple crochet patterns afghans

From a site visitor:

After suffering a stroke 5 years ago, I am having to reteach myself several things, crochet being one of them. I was given a stitch pattern by a therapist which I copied down incorrectly.

What I produced turned out to be a foolproof pattern for beginners which produces consistently square corners and has a very forgiving tension. After discovering the error, the therapist decided my error was better. I named it the "Boo-boo Stitch" and would be happy to include in the piece.

The Boo-Boo Stitch

This easy stitch can be utilized for everything from afghan to dishcloths. The only difference in project is the link that you crochet to form the base. It is very forgiving for the novice, and produces consistently squared corners no  matter what.

sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
ch = chain
rw = reverse work

To practice this stitch, use an I crochet hook and kitchen twine.
Ch 15. In the third ch from the hook, sc. Dc in the next ch. Alternate between a dc and sc in each ch to the end. Rw.

If you ended in a sc, dc in the sc that you just made. If you ended in a dc, sc.

In each sc that you made in the previous row, make a dc, and in each dc make a sc.

Continue this pattern until you have made the piece as big as you want it.

Finish it off and weave in the long end with a yarn needle.

Tip:  If you're using the stitch to make an afghan or baby blanket, chain for how long, rather than how wide you want the piece to be. How much you add will determine the width
A drop of a fraying preventative on knots will help keep them from untying in the wash later.

Simple Crochet Patterns to Crochet

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