Rake Knitting Pattern

"Make your own knitting rakes"

This is a rake knitting pattern I am working on for this home made knitting loom. It is a hoodie for a doll. Sometimes we want to use a smaller loom than the Knifty Knitter loom and this is what we came up with.

Knitting looms

Most small gauge knitting looms can be rather expensive so my son in law threw this one together for me. This is just a prototype rake loom so please don’t expect perfection okay?

The finished one is still to come. But when I saw this loom, I had to give it a try with this  pattern I have been wanting to create. I wanted to see how a finished item would look knitted up on this loom.

Po' Folks Rake Knitting Pattern

I call this my “Po' Folks Loom”. It is made from a piece of wood about 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch. I do like the size of wood because it is much easier to hold, as I have small hands.

The board is about 12 inches long. He used cotter pins for the pegs and I really like the way the yarn holds the stitch, but yet the pins still let the yarn slide on and off smoothly when knitting As you can see the pegs are not in a straight row, but they are evenly spaced at 3/8 inch. The uneven pegs did not seem to affect the rake knitting pattern at all.

Loom projects

I used 4 ply yarn on this doll hoodie. I made up a knitting pattern hoodie for this doll just to see what this loom would do.

The fabric this loom created was great. Uneven pegs didn’t seem to matter that much with the knitting fabric.

So I guess the bottom line is. If you want a fine or small gauge loom and have some wood and cotter pins you can make your own. You can make this loom and it will work our just great. Seems the most important things to remember is a smooth peg and each peg evenly spaced

So there you have it, my “Po' Folks Loom”

Have fun.

Knit loom ideas and patterns

"Looney for Looms"  Book 1.

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Rake Knitting Pattern to Looms

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