Learn How to Crochet ebook

"A great beginner's guide"

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Do you want to learn how to crochet?

Have you been looking for some step by step "Easy crochet instructions"?

Can't find those left handed crochet instructions?

Finally a crochet book you can understand

Yes an easy to understand and learn "how to crochet" ebook with easy to follow instructions, graphs and photos.

It is here at last and is the instructions you have been looking for. This book will teach you with both written instructions and photos and diagrams.

You will begin with learning how to hold the hook and yarn.

2 - Than go to the slip knot and

3 - move through the chain stitch and onto the basic stitches

4 - You will conquer the single crochet stitch (sc)

5 - and understand the double crochet (dc)

6 - even the half double crochet stitch will be understood (hdc)

When finished with these easy crochet instructions you will have a firm grip on crocheting and will be able to make what ever you desire.

I have taught many how to crochet and know you need clear instructions and not a lot of fluff and fill.

Learn how to crochet ebook

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Don't wait any longer

Instantly download now

Don't let this be complicated.

You have been wanting to learn how to crochet,

yes you can do this:

One step at a time.

The book has been rewritten and the instructions made as clear as possible so that you can even learn how to crochet at home, by yourself.

The written instructions will have a photo and/or diagram to go with it and make it clear

Left handed folks also

There is a section on "left handed crochet". I know if you are left handed you have a tough time finding instructions to help you master this skill. This is the book for you, now you can learn as easy as you right handed friends.

"Lear how to crochet left handed" is included in this easy to follow book.

This book is being offered to you

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because my hope is that everyone has a chance to learn the great craft of crocheting.

This ebook is in pdf format. You can save it on your computer or print it off.

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