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Hello Friends,

I have a special treat for my visitors this month. We all love knitting and crochet and as you know I had my own small business for many years. I have told you how these hobbies could become money makers. With dedication and an investment of your time you can create an at home business that could supplement your families income.

Well we are happy to tell you, we have an interview with Ann Dooling and here you will meet a woman that also took a hobby she enjoyed and built a legitimate business, creating a product that was highly sought after!

Enough to participate in international fashion events and designing for superstars! Here you will read some of the secrets to her success, the tools she used to ensure her business thrived and just how successful she became.

She was even able to provide income for several other people that also enjoyed her hobby. Everyone starts somewhere and you never know where that start may take you until you make the leap! I hope this article inspires you to expand your horizons and see where they lead.

The interview with Ann can be found here.

Also please be careful of those "work at home classifieds" The economy and employment rates are plummeting, with that the “at home work” scams are crawling out of the woodwork. Don't waste your time and energy falling into these traps!

God Bless



More than 1,200 FREE crochet patterns. Click here today!

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