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Hello Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

This month we are featuring free crochet hat patterns. These are quick and easy to make up so you have plenty of time for Christmas presents. This year is about saving money and still having a fun filled holiday.

Kids go through many hats as they are worn a lot and lost almost constantly. But kids are not the only ones that need to keep their heads warm. My husband loves the ski caps so don't forget the other members of the family.

You can save money by not purchasing a pattern to begin with. You can usually find free crochet hat patterns printed on the inside of the skein's label. But just in case you did not find any crochet hat instructions there, here are some really cute and free patterns online.

Many yarns come in variegated colors that blend quite attractively when crocheted together. With your color choices in mind, head to your local craft or discount store. Read the label on the skein of yarn to make sure it is machine washable so you can avoid dry-cleaning expenses when the project is finished. The label or pattern will also tell you how many skeins to buy and what size hook to purchase.

When you have your materials, follow the pattern instructions or add a bit of variation. Add pom poms or tassels for girls, a pair of mittens would be nice. These are also easy and only take a moment to dress up any hat.

Another addition would be to add a matching scarf and/or a pair of gloves. Color ideas could be for the holiday or the recipitants favorite colors.

And don't forget the holiday festivals and bazarrs these are really great crafts that sell. These winter hat patterns make wonderful items to also crochet for charity. So there are many uses for these patterns but always be mindful of copyright infringement.

God Bless



More than 1,200 FREE crochet patterns. Click here today!

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