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Hello Friends,

(We are beginning this season with a note from a fellow crocheter.)

Most people tend to think of crocheting as a strictly female pastime, however, I am a male and I have been crocheting projects for more than 30 years. It has been a comfort and a relaxing delight for me particularly when I begin a project at this time of year.

I have always enjoyed watching sports on television, but I feel a bit guilty about spending so many hours in front of the TV without anything to show for that time. About 30 years ago I watched my wife crocheting a baby bunting and I thought to myself, “I’ll bet I could do something like that!”

My wife was not nearly as convinced! But she had a large container filled with remnants of different size and colored yarns. She took a few minutes to show me how to chain. I “chained” a six foot length. Then she showed me how to crochet a simple zigzag pattern—9 single crochets; skip one; 9 single crochets, triple one; repeat pattern to the end of the chain.

When I ran out of one color, I just tied a new partial skein to the last and kept going. By the end of the football season she had completed a beautiful baby bunting; and I had completed a six foot long, not-so-beautiful, but VERY colorful afghan. That project was thirty years ago and the first of dozens of projects completed since.

For years the project that I contented myself with was building a throw afghan about six feet by four feet using the colors of a beloved university or professional sports team. Guys rarely want to admit that they curl up in their favorite chair with that blanket to watch their team, but their wives would always mention it to my wife.

After my wife’s cancer death one of the projects I have taken on is providing friends and relatives with a new baby a bunting bag. I have noticed that when they learn that I am the one who crocheted the project, they are always even more appreciative. Ryan

God Bless


(Thank your Ryan for sharing a great story. You are so right there are many men that crochet but most do keep is secret. Everyone can enjoy this great hobby after all it was men that began knitting in the first place. )


More than 1,200 FREE crochet patterns. Click here today!

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