Welcome to the very first issue ofKnitting n Crochet 4 Profit n Fun”. In this issue I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about what to expect in the upcoming issues.

I opened my knitting business back in 1986 and learned so much over the years. I would like to share this information with you. Now I am retired and have the time needed to share what I have learned along the way. I hope to fill each issue with ideas and tips from myself and other knitting and crocheters. I hope everybody wanting a craft business or who has a craft business will submit to this ezine.

Each issue will be sent out on the 14th of the month. So if you would like to include anything in an issue please have it to me by the 10th.

Crafts and home business ideas:

Anybody that says you will become rich with a craft business is trying to feed you a line. But (and there is always a but isn’t there?) I have made very good money with my craft business. Rich no, but it sure did add to the household income over the years and to my self-esteem.

Crafts projects for business:

Each issue will have a place for the reader to ask a question. I can assure you I don’t know it all but I will post the questions and hopefully the readers will also be able to help.

All readers can ask questions, make a comment or share an idea. I love reading about others and their crafts projects or business, don’t you?

We will share selling ideas, and projects we have found profitable and fun to make. I want everyone to feel comfortable and free to send in suggestions and ideas. We are here to help one another, to encourage each other, not to be a stumbling block. So come on folks, lets hear your story or idea.

Newbies lets hear from you also. What is your biggest problem in getting started? What are your challenges, bet there are many who have had the same problem and have overcome them.

Monthly project:

We will try and feature a monthly project. It may be any of the needle crafts on my site. If you haven't tried one that is featured, it may be fun to learn something new. You never can tell what may be your next great sales idea.


Knitting n Crochet