Hello Friends, 

Happy New Year.

Naturally being the first of the year everyone is setting resolutions. Well this year I have one that will help you and won't break your budget. This resolution is great for your personal and/or your business life.

Get control of your time. Don't let it fly by and not accomplish anything.

Most home based businesses fail because they do not prioritize their time efficiently. Time is a valuable and limited resource for anyone working at home. We need to be able to balance our personal and professional lives to succeed.

A business planner is a great tool. I use one daily to keep on track. When I am closing up one week one job is to plan out the next week. Of course it doesn't always work out exactly as I had planned it. But when the unexpected happens this keeps me from getting completely off track.

Business Daily/Weekly Planner On Your Desk. Keep it handy and make notes as you think of them. Plan your week ahead of time. Don't try to plan every hour but do have daily task to complete.

Stick to it and keep on schedule as much as possible. You need specific hours for your business, not just a do it as you get a minute here or there. If this is the case than you have a hobby.

You will also find that following a routine schedule will make you more productive and successful with your business. And your family will begin to realize that “this is work time”.

I wish for you a blessed and productive year.

God Bless


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