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Being or getting organized, and working in an environment that you enjoy allows you to be more efficient and ultimately, more productive. But being organized is not a gift many crafts people seem to have. Here are simple tips which will help you make the most of your office workspace.

Look at the space you have available for your small home business work space. Not many of us have an entire room to claim for this, so it is even more important to be organized when you have limited space. Take some time now to set things up and it will save you a great deal of frustration later.

Try and keep this space for your business only. No family items here, every bit of this space is needed for working, storage of supplies and office supplies. Do you have knitting machines? If so you must have the room for it to stay up, as you will not be unpacking them and putting them up and taking them down each day.

Where do you plan to store your yarn? You certainly can't run out and buy yarn each time you receive an order, you must have some in inventory and a place to store it. You will also need at least one file cabinet for your paper work. Two small file cabinets and a table leaf can be a quick desk and utilize the space used.

Getting organized is a process, not an event and it will be ongoing and never ending. By taking the time to think about your space before you organize, you've greatly increased the odds that the organized space you've created will stay that way as your small home business grows.

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