Hello Friends, 

April showers bring May flowers so they say. I don't know how much of a chance the flowers have because I think it has been raining for 6 months now. Well at least it is warming up and I am sure enjoying that. 

The end of the month we head out to Texas for the convention and am really looking forward to both the convention and the trip.

April is also the month for taxes. I hope you have everything in order and ready for mailing. When you are not prepared, this becomes a very stressful time of the year. So we will cover a few tax tips in this months issue.

If you haven't already used these tips, than you can put them to use for the coming year. You will be so thankful you did come next tax season.

God Bless


Income section:

Tax Tips:

1 - Obtain a business license. It is not very expensive and you can than take deductions. 

2 - Have a business checking account, not a must but it helps keep expenses and income separate from the family account. This makes bookkeeping so much easier.

3 - Spend $10.00 for a DOME business ledger. You just need to fill in the blanks for your bookkeeping. Fill in at least once a month.

4 - Keep all receipts for supplies, utilities and payments received.

The Home Craft Business

"The Home Craft Business" is packed with suggestions ranging from tax tips to sales techniques, from wholesaling to custom work. Broken down into easy “lessons,” The Home Craft Business will guide you through the confusion of expanding a hobby into a business with the potential for some serious income.

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Teenage  Doll Outfits knitting patterns

A cute knitting pattern for the doll lovers. Cap, pants, jacket and bag.  


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