Hello Friends, 

I do hope you are all staying warm. I can't believe it but this morning I got up to 16 degrees, now that doesn't seem like much to some of you but this is Alabama. We are from NY and back than we expected that type of weather. We moved here 40 years ago and gotten thin skinned. Ok maybe it has something to do with just getting older. All I know is I got cold in Oct and haven't warmed up since.

This is the perfect weather to pull out the yarn and make up an afghan though. Nothing like having a cup of coffee and working on an afghan while it is draped over your lap keeping you all snuggly and warm.

Also I am working on an interview with the owner of a crochet business so this will be posted on site. Will let you know when that is up and ready. Seems the holidays have put me behind on everything.



 Gift Ideas

Crochet Heart Afghan

Valentines Day is the perfect time for a heart afghan. This is a great pattern wouldn't it be fun made up in red and white?  



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Monthly project: 

"Sweet Heart Sachet"  
This crochet heart is a wonderful gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, anniversary’s and such. Anytime you want to show some love this is the ideal pattern.


Pattern Book for the Loom Knitter

"Looney for Looms" Great patterns for the loom knitter. The Knifty Knitter loom is used for all of these patterns.https://www.knitting-n-crochet.com/knitting-loom-patterns-ebook.html

Doll clothes, baby sweaters, booties, slippers for adults and children. Sweaters for dogs. Much more fun and easy patterns for quick projects. All using the easy to find Knifty Knitter Looms.

Other patterns being offered.

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