Hello Friends, 

I hope this letter finds you all doing well.

There are a couple more grandchildren this year to think about. My grandson Eli is such a sweet little guy he is sure to be a charmer when he grows up. He just got his first two teeth and boy was that hard on him and his momma. But he is back to his charming self. 

My daughters husband is in the reserves and he was just deployed overseas, so I ask for you to think of him and the other soldiers in you prayers. 

This is the daughter that has the two little ones. I am trying to help out a bit and am spending more time with them to fill the void.

I remember so well what it was like when my husband was in Korea for a year and I was home with two tiny girls. If it hadn't been for family I don't know how I would have managed.

It seems everyone's belt is being tightened another notch or two these days and already the holidays are on my mind. This year is flying by as the summer is half over already. 

So it is time to start thinking about what yarn we have and choose some patterns for gifts. I think this year will be perfect for all handmade gifts. I know anyone that has knit or crochet for any amount of time has a stash of yarn. So lets take inventory and see what we can create.



 Conversion Charts

We often use patterns from different parts of the world. Here are some charts to help with the conversion of needles, hooks and yarn to help your project come out correctly.


If you have a comment , a suggestion, a story or a question? Here is the place to do it. 

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Monthly project: 

"Barbie Slack Set"
  This niche is one that you could do very well in if you create quality and variety.



Pattern Book for the Loom Knitter

"Looney for Looms" Great patterns for the loom knitter. The Knifty Knitter loom is used for all of these patterns.https://www.knitting-n-crochet.com/knitting-loom-patterns-ebook.html

Doll clothes, baby sweaters, booties, slippers for adults and children. Sweaters for dogs. Much more fun and easy patterns for quick projects. All using the easy to find Knifty Knitter Looms.

Other patterns being offered.

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