Hello Friends, 

Well, Christmas is almost here and we have another grandbaby to celebrate the blessed day with. Elijah Garrett joined us on Oct 6th at 8 lbs 10 oz. He is one of the most adorable baby's I have ever been around. Oh I know we all say that about our grandchildren, but this little fellow is really a sweetheart.

That gives me 9 grandchildren now so our holidays are happy, loud and fun. I have been crocheting up a storm just trying to keep up with everything. My shopping is done as this year like many of you we are cutting back.

I pray you have a wonderful holiday and I will see you next year. 




Watch for burnout.

When working at home it is sometimes difficult to call it a day. But you must set a schedule and stick to it. If your work day doesn't have a specific hours you will eventually burnout.

Yes there are times when huge orders will come in and you need to work those extra hours to fill all of them. You will have your busy season and you will have to put in overtime to complete all your jobs. But this should not be the norm. 

Everybody wants their items right now. It will be up to you to set the delivery day. Give yourself pleanty of time or you will be dreading each order that comes in.

You need to relax and enjoy your home business. In the long run, breaks will ease the stress of work and will make you more productive.



From the readers: 


There are two used passeps for sale where I live - $450 for a divomatic 80 passep, and $950 for a passep 6000. I think they were well taken care of - I'm not sure if a punchcard is manual ? I am contemplating looking at them, do you think either one would be a good investment ?

thank you so much : )



Hi Ann,

So good to hear from you. Now as far as the machines go. I am not much help with that brand. Although I believe they are the Cadillac of Knitting machines. One thing I do know and that is if you have never knit on a knitting machine. Make sure the person selling is willing to help you learn the basics.

Best of luck with them and your new adventures.



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