Hi Everyone,

Spring has sprung and I feel like a shinny new penny. The sun shines brighter, the air seems fresher and oh yes, the lawn needs mowing.

I love spring, everything is fresh and rejuvenated. The colors are bright and the smells are clean and refreshing. 

I am planning a garden this year. We picked up some seeds for squash and cucumbers and green beans. I don't start my garden until the end of April but just had to feel like I was getting started.

With the price of everything going up the garden will produce some very welcomed fresh vegetables for our family.


Review Sales:

For some crafters, sales slow down some in the spring. It is than a good time to look at what you have done and review your sales of the previous season. Track the performance and sales of each product in your inventory.

Is it selling well? If not, than why not? Is it the color, style, packaging or marketing method?

You may enjoy making a certain item or design. But if it doesn't sell you are wasting time and resources producing it. You can try marking it down or donate it if all else fails. You just need to move it out and make room for a better selling item.

Don't keep slow moving items in your inventory any longer than necessary. They take up time and space in display and storage. Move in out and move on with new items. Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your inventory and make any needed adjustments.

From the readers:  

Charity patterns: 

I have just looked into your site while surfing.  I live on SS and have been looking for patterns to crochet for our children's hospital.  It seems as though there are so many babies born as preemies.  This is a poor part of the country and so many babies need help and so I thought maybe I could help them with crocheted items.  I am a great-grandmother also and there aren't any babies in the family to crochet for and so I will crochet for the ones in our hospital.  Thanks for this site and please, if you have any free crochet pattern, please send them to this address.  I can't buy because my income is very low.

Thank You,


Hi Ruth,

I also love to make items up for the baby charities as you do. I am a grandmother and am retired so I have more time to devote to this. You can find a few patterns on my site and there are many online. I am hoping to feature some charities on my site also, so do check back occasionally.


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Monthly project:

 Preemie crochet hat : This hat is crocheted, it can be used for a baby doll or for a preemie.


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