Happy Easter Everyone, 

March is a fabulous month isn’t it? Most important thing this month is our Savior went to the cross for us and rose again to give us salvation. Nobody can give a better gift than that.

Also this is the month that seems to awaken the earth from a long cold winter sleep.

The winds and showers can get a bit gloomy but than you spot some daffodils or maybe the buds forming on the trees catch your eye. You than know spring is right around the corner and the bright sunny days will push out all the gloom of winter.

I hope you enjoy the transition from gloom and cold to bright, fresh and sunny. This year everything seems even more impressive to me. All is a bit brighter, clearer, fresher and exciting. Hope you enjoy the miracle of spring also.



Pricing is one of the most difficult areas for a crafter to contend with. There are many formulas used to price your crafts. Every crafter seems to have their own way of pricing and the trick is finding what works for you.

You must know how much time it takes to make a product. Few crafters get their real hourly worth here.

Also you need to know how much your supplies cost you. This is one of the few items in pricing you can control some by where you buy your supplies and how you buy them.

This is an area that can kill your business al the beginning if not addressed. Many professional crafters have a problem with pricing so don’t worry if this is one that affects you also.

The most important thing for you to know is the bottom line --- that is your profit.  For a basic formula to get you started you can find a link here to help you.--- with this formula. Pricing tips and ideas are here https://www.knitting-n-crochet.com/Start-home.html

Give it a try, you may like it or it may help you come up with a formula that works for you. Remember there is no one size fits all in pricing your products.

From the readers:  

 : I have been crocheting for years. I would like to start selling my work. I have tried ebay in the past but I can try again. I always like to find the different patterns. Giving the price for the item is the hardest it seems to me because so much time is involved in each project. Your website is great! Treena

Hi Treena,

This months ezine is for you and everyone that has the same problem with pricing. Find a formula that works for you. But always remember there is also a lot of trial and error involved. Some areas one item may sell at a higher price than another area. Be flexible and be aware of where you are selling.


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