Happy Valentines Day Everyone,

We are in the middle of winter and no doubt dreaming of warmer weather and sunny days. I do like the change of seasons but I love the short winters in Alabama. Can't take the long cold winters up north anymore.

It seems I have been buried in Valentines Day items ever since Christmas. Each year this fun little day seems to grow a little more in importance in the market place. It has turned into another gift giving holiday With so many "I love you" gifts that range from a simple rose to a brand new car. So don't forget to include this day in your inventory ideas.

I hope you all have a fun day and do keep warm.

Inventory of Supplies

There is nothing more annoying than to be in the middle of a project and discover you don't have all the supplies you need to complete the item. 

You have to drop everything and run to the craft store or worse you have to wait on an order and possibly have to pay express shipping to get it to arrive quickly.

So this months suggestion is to know what you have in stock with your supplies. Decide what is needed before you begin that new project.  A lot of time is wasted when you have to run to the store or stop and reorder supplies that should have been on hand.

Have all your supplies on hand and you will cut down on a great deal of frustration.

From the readers:  

 : At this time for multiple reasons, it is difficult for me to work outside the home.  I love to crochet and currently have many items available that I wish to sell. My problem is in finding a consignment shop that sells craft items, not used items.  I live in Massachusetts.  Can you help? Audrey
Hello Audrey,

I have never lived in Massachusetts so I don't know of any shops personally. Have your tried the yellow pages? You can always try selling online. There is ebay , Bidville (there is no charge to sell on Bidville). You can also try selling through craiglist or create your own website.

I plan on teaching how to sell on ebay shortly as a lot of people are asking about it.


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Double Sole knit slippers. These slippers were knit on a loom. You will find the pattern here. 



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