Happy New Year Everyone,

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. This is the month everyone makes a New Year resolution. What was yours? To lose weight? Get on a budget? To start your business? What ever your resolution is I wish you the best.

With the holidays behind us and tax season not here yet we have a bit of a break.  Take some time for yourself. Now you can plan what you would like to accomplish this year. Set some goals. A six month goal and a one year goal to get started.

Write down how you hope to reach these goals. Remember nothing is written in stone, be flexible. But writing it down helps you to stay focused.

2008 is gonna be a great!

Cutting down on distractions

Phone calls: Family and friends are the biggest offenders here. Because you are working at home they don't think twice about calling at any time. You need to try and explain the hours you are working and can't chat.

Also get an answering machine and use it. Return all business calls within 24 hours and return family and friends calls after "business hours".

Trust me they won't take your business seriously if you don't.


From the readers:  

: my wife and have designed a crochet scarf but need to fill large orders (500+) is there any type of machine that you know of? tim
Hello Tim,

I am happy to hear you have a product that is in demand. With knitting you can use a machine but crochet is another story. 

Seems you have two choices here. One is to convert the stitches to knit and than produce them on a machine. (You can hire production knitters if needed) Being I don't know what the scarf looks like it is hard to say if this is possible. 

The other choice is to contract the work out. This is hard because you need to figure in pay for your contractors. 

Sorry but there are no crochet machines that I know of.

Best of luck to you and your wife.


Monthly project:

"Hankie edging a lost art?" .  You will find the pattern here. 



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