Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Tis the season for tinsel, trees, ornaments and stress. This season may be even more stressful with the price of everything going sky high. While in the grocery store the other day I noticed a gallon of milk is up to $6.52. I couldn't believe how the prices are climbing so fast.

With the stress of prices going up and the hustle and bustle of this month about to drive us to distraction, lets not forget the true reason for the season.

The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas has become so commercial that many forget or have never been taught that this day is about Him and not about us.  So please take some time to acknowledge the real reason for this day. Lets remember the greatest gift in all history. The gift of salvation!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year

Work Assembly Line

In this issue we need to talk about working assembly line fashion. Whether working with fabric for sewing crafts, knitting or crocheting you must find the most efficient way to complete your projects.

If you have only one order for a n item this is not a problem. But when you get an order for 10 or 45 items that are the same or very similar, you need to speed up the process.

Break your project down into steps or an assembly line type system,. For example, if you have an order for 10 ski caps done up in team colors, you would complete them as follows.

First step: This will be to gather your materials for all the caps.

Second step: Will be to knit up all the caps as requested. I knit up all my caps but do no hand work at this point.

Third step: This would be to stitch up all the caps. I knit my caps flat, than stitch up the back seam and gather the top.

Fourth step: Make all the pom poms.

Fifth step: Attach all the pom poms. Snip any strands hanging.

It is amazing how much time you will save by filling your orders in this manner. Assembly line is much faster and more efficient than making one item from beginning to end before going on to the next item when doing the same style.

So start thinking assembly-line for your business.

From the readers:  

: I have wanted to start a home business for a very long time, but am too afraid to start it. I love to knit, crochet, loom knit ( I am new at loom knitting, but love making the baby hats, they go so fast!) I also have an embroidery machine and love to embroider bags, t-shirts, I make microwave heating pads out of towels, rice and muslin and embroider a design on the towel. It is all very relaxing to me, and I am very creative. I am a graphic designer at a local newspaper. I design ads, posters, inserts, etc. I also love to teach. I have wanted to open a yarn shop and teach people how to knit, crochet, or even sew. I don't have much free time at home to do this though. Your idea of flea markets is a good one. I saw a lot of nice flea market stuff at a market in Lakeland Florida when I was there. (I live near Buffalo, NY with my husband) My husband is disabled and cannot work so we live on my income which isn't much, and health care is soaring, I need to make some extra money. My husband does do dome woodworking when he can. Sorry this is so long. I will sign off for now. Thanks for letting me talk.  D.

Hi D.

It is scary to start your own business and I always recommend that people do not go into debt to start a craft business. It sounds like you and your husband are very talented and would benefit from doing craft shows. Why not attend some shows and get the feel of it. Talk to the vendors that sell similar items that you make.

Doing crafts would add to your income and fit your limited time very well. If you never try you will never fail that is for sure. But you will never succeed either.  Let us know how you do and best of luck.


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"Crochet scr unchies pattern" .  You will find the pattern here. 



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