Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

This is my favorite holiday. I love the preparations and the family gathering. This holiday is all about our blessings and the family for me.

There is no giving of gifts or worrying about forgetting a gift for the meter maid. No putting on silly costumes and pretending you are somebody else.

This holiday is all about our family and friends gathering at one home. Enjoying a meal with no other agenda except to thank our Lord for the blessings of the past year and to enjoy each others company.

So I wish everyone a blessed holiday and a perfectly browned and moist turkey.

Make a schedule

In this issue we need to talk about making a schedule. We don’t realize how little time it takes to complete many of our household jobs. Time yourself and you will see it really only takes 10 minutes to vacuum and not an hour.

You are wondering why this is important to your business. Well it is important because we have to do these jobs and we need to know where our time is being spent so that we are able to alot time for our business.

Than we need to realize in our busy season, we cannot do everything. Lets face it, if you have a massive order come in there are some things in the house that are not going to get done right away. This is where we prioritize. Do what must be done; the kids must have clean clothes for school and clean dishes are needed for each meal. But set aside what can wait until later.

That is why you need to be knitting and crocheting all year long. Have as much completed for the season as possible. But some orders cannot be completed ahead of time so you need to prioritize if you are going to also take orders.

I once had an order come in for 53 personalized knit hats at the last minute before Christmas. This lady decided to buy one for each member of her family.  Even with other orders and family obligations the order was completed and delivered on time.

I was able to accept and fill this order only because I scheduled my time and prepared for last minute orders by making sure all home obligations were under control. All orders were completed as they came in. I never put them off to the last minute. So there was never a back up unless it was issues that were out of my control. This way I could manage my time and I knew what I could schedule and what I could complete.

From the readers:

Hi Linda, I saw your site. I have always dreamed of having my own crocheting business and work from home. However I would need it to be at least a 70K or more for me in order for me to be able to leave my job. is that possible? D.

Good day D.

To be honest with you, making $70,000.00 would be quite a feat. If you applied many different ways yes it could be possible. Such as online with a website. Incorporating advertising, affiliate work, creating patterns and such. But to just crochet an item and sell the finished product, that would be near impossible to achieve that amount of income.

Monthly project:

Loom knit poncho for baby.  You will find the pattern here. https://www.knitting-n-crochet.com/knitting-poncho-pattern.html

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Working assembly line style.

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