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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has had a great month. I can not believe we are already into our second issue. We are going to talk about finding your space, as in working space that is.  As crafters we all deal with organization issues so this is an important first step. If you can find your supplies you are going to be making many items.

We are going to begin with the basics for our business. No sense in talking about shows if you aren't even ready to begin producing product.

Please don't forget to email ideas, questions and tips to share with fellow crafters.

Finding your own space    

When I first started Little Country Shop it was in the corner of our bedroom. We lived in a two-bedroom mobile home back than and there was no room to spare.

My husband built me a table to hold my knitting machine and the attachments. Yarn and other supplies were kept in and space I could find. Let me tell you this was not an ideal situation but it was workable.

You do not want an area you have to pack up and put away each day. The kitchen table is not good for your business. I would never have been able to fill my orders if half my time was spent setting up and taking down machines. Or pulling supplies and patterns out and putting them back every day.

So no matter how small the spot you find or the corner you claim, you must designate it for business only. Use a card table if that is all you have. The family will learn that spot is for your business and off limits to the rest of the family.

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From the Readers:

(I just can’t decide which craft line is the one for me to make and sell. How do you decide? Marysue)

Hi MarySue,

First let me welcome you to our knitting n crochet group. I am sure you will find plenty of useful information in the coming issues.

I have discovered this handy little “free” tool that is great for all types of decisions. It is called “Choose It” you should fill in the blanks and it will come back with percentages of what you are considering. The higher the percentage the more likely you will be happy with this decision. Here is the link to this handy tool.

        “Choose It”        --    http://chooseit.sitesell.com/


Monthly Project

This months project is made up on any Bulky Knitting Machine. It is very basic so you can add your imagination and create any number of wonderful blankets from this pattern. This is a baby blanket about 31 X 31 inches.

Cast on 108 stitches and knit any weaving pattern for 170 rows. Bind off all stitches and finish edges with a pretty crocheted edging. I love the variegated yarns as they are perfect for this type of basic pattern. Than you can make the edging a solid color to frame it.

This is an easy and pretty way to use up left over yarn and have some extra items in your inventory.

Next issue will cover scheduling our time

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