Easy Knitting Scarfs Patterns

"Free scarf patterns"

great beginner knitting patterns

Knitting scarfs are great beginners projects. They are not difficult and it does not take a great deal of time to complete one. The beginner can use larger needles which helps when you are not yet comfortable with handling knitting needles.

Knitting scarfs pattern for eyelash scarf

There are many patterns for scarfs from very basic to the extremely complex. For the beginner of course I would stay as basic as possible. There is a pattern below for the beginner or anybody that needs a quick gift.

There are some very pretty patterns using eyelash yarn. I know this is all the rage but I suggest the beginner save this yarn for later. This yarn makes up into very fashionable items. But this is not a very good yarn for the beginner to start with.I don’t recommend using eyelash yarn until you know how to knit comfortably.

When you are learning, it is good to be able to see your individual stitches. You can’t see the stitches easily with eyelash yarn just because of the pretty fibers that make this yarn so interesting.

easy knitting scarf patterns

Free scarf patterns

Free knitting scarfs are almost always available just about any place that sells yarn. You will find these leaflets hanging in front of the yarn displays usually. Or they may be on the cutting table in the crafts department.

The companies provide these free patterns to encourage you to buy their yarn naturally. Very often there are some great patterns to be found here. Most are interesting and created for the beginner in mind.

You can also find some great free patterns online. Just do a search in Google and you will come up with a great many patterns to choose from.

How to knit scarves

To help you along I am including a link to a video on how to knit scarves so you can see how easy it is. How to knit scarfs Also below is a basic pattern to give you an idea for a very easy scarf.
knit hat and scarf
Size 13 needles (these are easy to handle and make the project quicker to make up) You can find all your supplies easily Size M 13/9mm

Yarn of choice I recommend a worsted weight or wool.

Use a solid color or a variegated to give it a pattern.

Or you can use up scraps and make stripes.

Cast on 53 stitches

Knit every row until 62 inches long or what ever you desire the length to be.

Bind off


Cut a piece of card board about 5 inches wide and long. Wrap yarn around this cardboard. Cut one side and string the pieces thru the end of the scarf. I would loop about two or three strings per end stitch.

Below is a sample of the garter stitch. This is knit every row and the easiest way to make a scarf.

garter stitch

Knitting Scarfs to Free patterns

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