Knitting Patterns for Chihuahuas and Other Small Breeds

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I love to find knitting patterns for Chihuahuas. I am the Mom of two tiny furbabies. One is a 9 lb Yorkshire Terrier, Hannamaye. She is the older of my girls at the age of 8 years old.

Than there is the baby Tiffany. She is almost 4 years old and my Tiffany is a mix breed. She is half Chihuahua and half Shih Tzu. Tiffany weights in at a whopping 5 lbs. This is Tiffany in her sweater made in the colors of the Auburn Football team. (And no she does not like to model)

That’s a picture of her to the below. Isn’t she cute in her loom sweater?

She looks like her Mom a Shih Tuz but she diffidently has the personality of her Dad the Chihuahua. The dog in the picture on the home page was my Misty, she was with us for 12 years before she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Dog clothes patterns

free Knitting Patterns For Chihuahuas free knitting patterns for dog sweaters

Knitting Patterns for Chihuahuas

So now you see why I am always on the look out for new knitting patterns for small breeds, as they are perfect for my furbabies.

I am one of those woman that put sweaters on my girls at night. I keep the air condition on low and they get very cold. So it is necessary for the night sweaters.

I also enjoy creating dog sweaters. They have always been great sellers. You can knit or crochet dog sweaters and make matching ski caps for the owners.

These sets are a big hit and they sell well.

If you plan to make  these up for shows, fairs and such I would stick to tiny, small and medium size dog sweaters. If a customer happens to have a large dog and wants one of the sweaters or sweater sets, you can always take orders.

This will keep you from having a lot of inventory that has limited sales potential. I say this only because it is the owners of smaller breeds that usually dress their pets. You know, people like me.

Do have a sample of a larger size, but I wouldn’t make up any number of them unless of course you were at a large dog breed show.

Knitting Patterns for Chihuahuas to Pet Patterns

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