Knitted Doll Clothes Patterns

"Dolly Daydreamer"

knitting doll clothes

20 patterns for doll clothes

These knitted doll clothes patterns have a wonderful selection for various style dolls.

I hope you enjoy knitting the latest selection of dolls' outfits. Dolly Daydream, over 20 designs to knit including a complete fashion wardrobe.

The knitted doll clothes patterns included in ebook

Cute doll clothes patterns
doll clothes pattern

They have tried to include something for everyone - your favorite outfits for 'dressing up' your doll, an easy-to-knit wardrobe for the Fashion-type doll and finally a complete layette for your Baby doll.

baby doll clothes patterns
fashion doll clothes

The larger sizes of these Baby doll patterns will also fit premature babies.
Some of the patterns only take a small amount of yarn so this is an ideal opportunity to use up your oddments.

knitted doll clothes


The yarn quantities have been worked out as accurately as possible but these may vary slightly according to the type of yarn used.

Figures in round brackets refer to the larger size(s). Figures or instructions in square brackets, [ ], should be repeated as stated after the brackets.

doll clothes for 18 dolls
18 in doll clothes
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