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Knitmaster knitting machine manual pattern ebook
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With this Knitmaster manual/pattern ebook, just follow the simple instructions up to page 19 carefully and within ONE HOUR, just 60 minutes from now, you will be Instant Knitting! 

Silver Reed/Knitmaster/Singer are basically all the same machine. So if you have any of these machines this ebook will be very helpful for you.

This ebook makes it super easy to enjoy your Knitmaster machine with step by step instructions and images. It is simple to use, just think of it, in 60 minutes from now you can have a beautifully made item, using 166 needles instead of 2

What is listed in the index. You will find instructions showing you how to set up your machine to completing any or all of these garments. None are very difficult to make. 

Knitting to Measure

Latch Needle:

          Changing A Needle

Maintenance of Your Machine


         Crossing Yarns

         Fishermans Rib


         Link Stitch

         Loop Stitch


         Tuck Stitch


         New Double Rib

         1 Plain 1 Purl

         2 Plain 1 Purl

         Fishermans Rib


Setting Up Your Knitter



              Mttress Stitch


Steaming and Blocking


Tension (stitch size):

               General Tension Guide

               Measuring a Tension Swatch 


Wools and Yarns:


          Joining Yarns

          Hints for Bulky Yarns

knitmaster One Hour Guide to Instant Knitting
Only $2.99

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