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KNITKING MAGAZINE —- No doubt one of the finest Knitting machine magazine in the English language published anywhere in the world. Twenty original patterns in each issue and for all members of the family. Stylish designs photographed on world famous models. High fashion garments, handsome sweaters, sports outfits. baby clothes, plus accessories and knitting machine hints.

How do you like the magnificent Afghan on the Cover of this issue? Its display at a past Los Angeles County Fair created more interest and enthusiasm than any other item, and there were some beauties.

What a handsome and inexpensive gift for a loved one or yourself, either as an Afghan or Bedspread.

Great clothing knit patterns
cable knit sweaters

Pick a great vintage knitting pattern to knit

With just a few adjustments these items can be brought up to date. We don't wear the fight fitting sweaters today, so add a few more stitches in the center. Check your gauge, how many stitches per inch and add according to how many inches you want your sweater to be.

Lets say you got 6 stitches to the inch and you want to add 3 inches to the sweater. Then you would want to add 18 stitches to the amount given in the instructions. 

This is just an example of how to add to the width, not an actual amount you need to do. You will have to make you sample gauge swatch, (as you would anyway) and go from there.

knitting machine instruction for these sweaters

This KnitKing magazine has lots of patterns

Remember if you do not own a KnitKing you can use any punchcard design that works on your machine. Or make your design manually (I did this a great deal when I personalize an item) and you can even make them plain.

Inside this issue are sweaters for women, children and men. Plus gifts such as the little purse that turns into a baby doll cradle. Any child would adore this. There are golf club covers for Dad, and slippers for all. 

Make gifts with machine knitting

(An old Ad by KnitKing:)

KNITKING KNITTING MACHINES—The finest and most versatile automatic knitters available anywhere in the world KNITKING is the worlds most honored machine with five gold medals for excellence. KNITKING Push Button knitters produce a range of patterns and knit a variety of yarns unequaled by other machines.

Beautiful afghan knit

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