"Easy Knit Slippers"

Free And Easy Machine Knit Slippers Pattern

Knit slippers are a great quick and easy items to give as gifts for just about any occassion. 

(Note) KnitKing and Brother machines were both produced by Brother and the patterns for one machine will work the same on either machine.

I have not tried this but I figure this pattern could be used on any ribber machine. And if you don't have a ribber, why not make a similar using the mock rib stitch?


Small for children; Medium for Women and Large for Men in brackets ( )

MATERIAL: 2 - 5O gr. Balls KNITKING Subita Drelon 3-ply (or any brand at the same ply and weight)

TENSION: 4 or 5

GAUGE: 16 sts., - 44 rows = 2" measured over pattern


K1, P1 and Brioche (double Fisherman's) Rib.

Cast on 41 {67, 79} sts.

ROWS 1-20 (24, 24) work K1, P1 ribbing.

ROWS 21-120 (25-124, 25-144) Brioche Rib.

(KNITKING Machine owners, put the Gate Cam Release Levers of both knitter and ribber to the needle heels).

ROWS 121-140 (125-148, 145-168), K1, P1 ribbing

(KNITKING Machine owners, put Gate Cam Release Levers of knitter and ribber to the needle heads).

Bind off using whatever method you like best. 

FINISHING: Fold in half with the cast-on and bind-off edges together. Sew back seam, gathering last 20 rows to form heel.

Sew front edge together.

Fold the K1, P1 ribbing in half and sew hem on the wrong side. Run elastic through hem and tie or sew to fit.

Make pom-pom and fasten to toe of slippers just below the hem. (Trim boy's or men's with buttons instead of pom-poms.)

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