Brother Knitting Machine KX-350

Patterns for the brother knitting machine kx 350 or any standard machine

Brother knitting machine KX-350 ebook is full of great sweater patterns for everyone in the family. Also can be used with other standard machines, if they have a 6.5 mm gauge. (The distance between the needles on the bed). I have never owned a Bond but I hear thi machine is much smother to work with.

These machines are referred to as "hobby machines" than the heavier metal machines. I love how these machine are so portable. They weight next to nothing and very easy to assemble and disassemble. They are easy to fold up carry with you machine anyplace you want to go.

Taking care of your KX-350

Do not use WD-40. It will build up and eat the plastic on the plastic machines. Always use Silicone Spray.

The gauge is a bit larger than the KX-400, but with this machine it is convertible to use bulky yarns, so if using this machine you will need to make adjustments.

I often send my ebooks to Staples and have them print off a hard copy for me. It is very cheap especially if you use black and white and the cheaper paper weight. They even will punch holes or staple it if you choose.


Combine to make afghan

You may later want to try an afghan, yes it is possible with these smaller machines. Some advantages of the KX-350 are you can combine two of them if you want to make a good size afghan. Knitting machines make this project so much easier.



Want a new brother knitting machine?

Unfortunately, Brother quit producing knitting machines quit awhile ago. But you can still find them used. I found a couple that was nearly new condition. If you are one of the lucky people to acquire one, you will find manuals and patterns on this site.

Using the knitting machine to make sweaters, scarves, and other items for your family will speed up the process and you will find you are on the search for more patterns. No problem, check out my other ebooks


Patterns sweater knitting machine

Lots of patterns in this KX 350 ebook

Very nice mens knit sweater patterns
Any standard knitting machine brother

Blocking the knit sweater

Blocking Your Sweater

You finished sweaters should be completed with blocking and steaming. This will lock the stitches in place and produce a nice finish. Not all garments need blocking.

Many knitting machine sweater pattern
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