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"12 Knitting Lessons Home Study Course"

12 Brother Knitting Machine Lessons
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While looking for Brother knitting machine manuals, I realized there were a great many folks that bought their machines with no instructions.

As you no doubt know, Brother no longer makes knitting machines and it is near impossible to find help in operating it.

This manual is a "12 Lessons Home Study Course" they put out back in the sixties I believe. I used this to learn my first machine. 

The lessons are to be done over a 12 week period but of course you can do them at your own pace. It will teach you how to use your machine in an understandable and progressing manner. Don't jump around, one lesson leads to the next.

I have not tried it but I do believe it would help you to learn the basics on other machines also. Not all machines have or use punch cards.

(The left is a punch card and the picture on the right is an example of the finished item after using a punch card)

knitting machine punch card
Machine knit christmas stocking

So if you bought a used Brother knitting machine and don't know how to use it, these lessons will put you on the right path. You may or may not have gotten the manual with it. Even if you were lucky enough to get the manual, it will still be tough leaning how to knit unless you have someone there to show you. BUT.....

This 12 lesson book will teach you how to use the knitting machine as it guides you step by step, knitting and not just reading.

Knitting machine patterns
Brother knitting machine baby patterns

Now you can download the best step by step knitting course manual I have ever used. This ebook gives you 12 lessons starting with getting familiar with the machine, right through to completeing a sweater.

The ebook is set out at the beginning and will guide you in getting comfortable with this wonderful invention. If you follow the lessons as they are laid out you will do fine.

This book is no longer available so if you have come across a Brother machine with or without the manual, you will definetly want these lessons.

Hats and sweaters created on the knitting machine
Baby knit patterns in Brother ebooks

Not just Brother knitting machine manuals

The ebook course consists of 12 step-by-step lessons that progressively teach you how to use and enjoy the machine.


In order to fully master the art of machine knitting, please take one lesson at a time and do not proceed to the next lesson until you have fully mastered the previous one.

For practice yarn, we recommend fingering yarn or 2-ply yarn. But of course that depends on the machine you are using, standard or bulky.

This course consists of 12 lessons that progressively teach you how to use and enjoy this wonderful machine. We must caution you that you should study and master each lesson completely progressively in the proper order and under no conditions should you skip lessons as it will completely distort the progression of learning.

Older Brother Knitting Machine

We know that if you take one lesson at a time and learn it at a comfortable speed, making sure you absorb each previous lesson, you will than be amazed at how it will all fit together and you will be an expert at the conclusion of Lesson 12.

You have many exciting and creative hours of machine knitting ahead and you will thoroughly enjoy the versatility of speed and savings that lie ahead.

Knitting Machine Home Lessons

Brother Knitting Machine Manual Lessons

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