This Brother-Knitting-Machine-Magazine Fashion 2  has over 28 patterns. You can use other machine just need to check your tension gauge Love your knitting machine.

Now that summer is knocking at our doors these patterns have included some cotton yarns which give knitting a new dimension. For so long we have had to admire from afar those excellent cottons available on the continent.

 Includes 28 Patterns

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Cotton so good year around, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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My own thoughts are that cotton has had a bad hearing here and although not inexpensive, is warm in winter, cool in summer and extremely comfortable to wear — the practicalities are only surpassed by the beauty of natural fibers.


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Brother Knitting Machine Magazine cotton sweaters are tumble-dried which shrinks them slightly so I knit a size larger. You should wash, dry, and press your tension swatches in the same manner as you intend to care for your finished garment.

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Pale gray, peach, lilac, soft pinks, blues and creams are this summer's fashion colors so we have taken steps to give you a number of garments you can easily team with accessories now in the shops.

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Gray is here to stay for a few seasons and may be worn with so many colors that it is a sound investment in any yarn.  

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For something a little more "powerful" for the less than sunny days, try our pull-up mohair sweater in Argyle Finesse, or treat the man in your life to one of our super sweaters or jackets — he's been well catered for this time!

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24 pattern repeat machines

8 pattern repeat machines

Electronic machines or by hand selection

Bulky knit machine (KH230) change to waste yarn, knit a few rows and release from machine.

All measurements are in centimeters.

Always check tension before commencing.

Success depends on working to correct tension.

Brother Knitting Machine Magazine


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