Brother Fashion Knitting Machine
Books Vol 3

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Brother Fashion knitting machine books Vol 3 has over 30 patterns. Each pattern is complete with a beautiful color picture.

These ebooks and mauals are all in pdf format. You will need Adobe to open them. Each one is printable, you will be able to print off one pattern or the entire ebook if you choose

Pictured are some of the patterns included

Knitting Machine Tutorial
Knitting pattern sweater
Brother knitting machine patternsKnitting Machine Patterns Ebook
Knitting Machine Projects
knitting machine patterns
Stunning knitting machine patterns
Childrens knitting machine patterns
Fun Childrens knitting machine patterns

Brother Fashion knitting machine books Vol 3 will keep you in Fashion!

Brother Magazines have made quite a few changes with you, the knitter, in mind. This issue has a new Knitleader section. Designed to help you to use the Knitleader, we have taken one basic shape and used it for eight different designs, giving you the information you require in a new pattern style.

I really cannot impress on knitters enough that once you have mastered the Knitleader you will wonder why you ever followed written patterns and struggled with tension squares!

Which brings us to the third change we have made. We decided that it really was a production to work out the correct tension to 10cm which involves a great deal of counting and measuring. We have given the correct procedure for making a tension swatch and how to measure it at the beginning of the patterns and then each pattern quotes the width and depth of 40 sts and 60 rows.

If you want to follow the written instruction you will find life a lot easier as you will only have to measure and compare instead of having to carry out a lot of calculations.

Also it is possible to use the Knitleader stitch scales for deciding how many stitches should be picked up round the neck etc. Of course the one thing that changes all the time is fashion! I feel we, as knitters, are so lucky that designers the world over are giving us exciting yarns to work with and really up to the minute ideas.

The yarn many designers are taking a great deal of interest in at the moment is angora, which we must all agree is one of the most beautiful of yarns as well as light and warm to wear. However be warned, angora is not inexpensive, and no wonder when you consider its origins!

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Brother Fashion knitting machine books Vol 3 and Machine Knitting Patterns Books

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