Barbie Doll Clothing Patterns

"Crafts that sell"

Everybody loves a Barbie doll and doll clothing can be just the thing to get you started in starting a home craft business.
You can create period clothes or modern fashion designs for these dolls. All are great sellers at the bazaars and crafts shows.

Selling my crafts

And don’t forget the accessories, the hats, scarves, cuffs and such. These use up all those tiny bits and pieces of yarn and the items make up in a snap.

How about Barbie out west or maybe down south in a flowing southern gown? Dress her up as a flapper girl doll outfit or maybe a bit of disco. It wouldn’t take much to make these costumes and accessories.

Earning money at home

There are free Barbie doll knitting patterns all over the net to give you ideas on beginning your projects. But you must check with the designer before selling items made from those free patterns. Many times they are for personal use only.

So many things can be knitted or crocheted for a Barbie doll. There are tops, sweaters, skirts, shawls, coats, ponchos and dresses to name just a few.

Money making opportunities

There are ways to make money and stay at home, but do not fall for those "earn easy money at home" or "get rich quick schemes". There are many people out there and all they want to do is get your money.

Selling crafts is not a quick way to earn cash. It takes time to make your product and than you must market it. Finding the outlets to sell at is not always easy. But I can't think of a more enjoyable means to bring in some extra money.

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Here is a little something I came across awhile back. I found these great little knitting needles. They are only 7 inches long. They are great for knitting the small items like Barbie doll clothes.

The needles are made by Red Heart and are called “Starters” for kids, they are plastic and very light. I find they are perfect for putting them into the purse and easy traveling.

Barbie doll knitting patterns

Here is a little pullover sweater pattern to get things going. It is easy to make up in an evening, even if you are a slow knitter. Knit and purl are the only stitches used. Some changes you could make is, rib top and bottom or make the entire sweater in the knit stitch, maybe add a design or use variegated yarn.

Go ahead fool around with this pattern, make changes and get creative. It is made in one piece and cannot be much easier to make.

This is a little sleeveless shell for a Barbie or any fashion doll.

With size 3 needles Cast on 14


1- Knit 1, purl 1 across

2 - Purl 1, knit 1 across

3 - Stockinet for 16 rows (Knit one row, purl next row)

4 - purl one row

5 - knit 1 row

6 - purl 1 row

7 - knit 3, bind off 8, knit 3

8 - knit 3, cast on 8, knit 3

9 - Purl 1 row

10 -knit 1 row

11 - purl 1 row

12 - Stockinet for 16 rows (knit one row, purl next row)

13 - Purl 1, knit 1

14 - knit 1, purl 1

Bind off

Sew up sides leaving arm holes.

Barbie Doll to Free Knitting and Crochet

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